Goosie condemns “cowardly” NDC shooting


A flag bearer-aspirant of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Goosie Tanoh has condemned the shooting incident at the Ashanti regional office of the party on Monday, 18 February 2019, which led to the death of one person.

Mr Tanoh described the attack as “cowardly” and called on the police to swiftly “investigate the incident, apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice.”

Below is the statement:


We have learned with great outrage of the fatal shooting that occurred this morning in Kumasi at the Ashanti Region Regional HQ of the NDC.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved; our anxious prayers for safe recovery to the injured; and our solidarity to our comrades who are again a victim of vicious and cowardly attacks.

We join the Ashanti Region NDC Party in calling for the Ghana Police Service to swiftly investigate this incident, apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice.

We are grateful that the Party has resolutely rejected the various militia-type groupings that are claiming an association with the NDC. We endorse fully the Party’s decision that only the Ghana Police Service (or other uniformed services) of the State will provide security for the upcoming presidential primaries.

We renew our call on our comrades, and especially those in leadership positions, to affirm our constitutional political project and reject violence and intimidation regardless of whether perpetrated by the ruling NPP or by our own misguided comrades. Partisan violence cannot achieve social justice and development – only widows, widowers, orphans and invalids. As long as our constitutional framework remains in place, we must resist repression peacefully and use superior political organisation to establish the authority of the People over these violent forces.

Kyeretwie Opoku



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