Dan Botwe condemns Salaga riots


The Minister of Regional Reorganisation and Development, Dan Botwe, has condemned Tuesday’s violence in the East Gonja municipality in the newly-created Savannah Region following the announcement of Damongo as the capital of the new region.

According to Mr Botwe, the action was needless because the chiefs and other traditional leaders of the area, after wide consultations, proposed Damongo as the regional capital.

The angry youth set the party office and some party billboards and other properties ablaze.

They also attempted to burn some government facilities including the official residence of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) but the police moved in quickly and succeeded in preventing the burning down of the District Assembly and the MCE’s bungalow.

Speaking at a ceremony to present the Constitution Instrument (C.I.) for the region at the Jubilee House on Wednesday, 13 February 2019, Mr Botwe said: “The Ministry of Regional Reorganisation undertook a sensitisation programme throughout the regions. In May, we were in Western, Brong Ahafo, Volta and Northern regions. We met all the regional house of chiefs and they gave us advice on how to go about our work.

“We also met all members of parliament from the enclave regions. We also met the president and members of the National House of Chiefs when the Commission was appointed under Justice Brobbey. We also took them to all the regional house of chiefs and had consultations with them. So, there have been very good consultations.”

He added: “The chiefs gave us guidance, they gave us advice, they met us anytime they wanted to meet us, both in private and in public. I now want to single out that of the Yagbonwura, the overlord of the Gonjaland Kingdom who set up many organisations to pursue his campaign.

“After the referendum on the 12th of January, the overlord of Yagbonwura kingdom met all paramount chiefs, opinion leaders and his campaign team at the Damongo Senior High School Assembly hall, and it was a very big gathering.

“He thanked them for the campaign which has been very successful. At that meeting, on his own, he requested that all members of his kingdom should support Damongo to become the regional capital and that he was going to send such a petition to Mr President.

“It is, therefore, very surprising in one of the six partitioned areas where they themselves, on their own, had such consultation and sensitisation, we witnessed yesterday after such a beautiful programme the act of lawlessness in Salaga. We condemn this.”



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