Ghana Medical and Dental Association introduces practitioner’s stamp in service delivery


Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Nsiah-Asare has asked patients to watch out for stamps being attached to their prescription form after being examined at a health facility.
This he said would enable the Ghana Medical and Dental Association play its role of maintaining checks and balances at health facilities, improve upon doctor’s work standards and also detect fraud.
The Association as a Health Regulatory Agency is mandated to receive, consider and approve applications for licenses per the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency Act 829.
Speaking at a stakeholder’s conference organised in Accra by the National Health Insurance authority, the Director General was certain the stamps would help identify doctors, especially the ones who have rightfully renewed their registration
He said the Association is working towards acquiring an electronic prescription method to help streamline work procedures in all health facilities
“Ideally we should be having an electronic prescription which we are considering but the stamped prescriptions helps the pharmacist or any other health practitioner to identify the doctor who wrote it. It also brings out good practices and helps to know doctors who have renewed their registration with the Ghana Medical and Dental Association every year”, he mentioned.
Meanwhile Doctor E.K Atikpui, Registrar for the Ghana Medical and Dental Council (GMDC) has said that they are going to persue Doctor Obengfo’S case by making another report indicating it’s interest in finding lasting solution to his operation without license.
Reacting to Newspapers report that, court has freed that Obengfo Andoh who was accused for operating without license and the strange dying of his clients at the facility, because of the council’s show of no interest, on Dinpa 91.3 news,Dr. Atikpui chronicled the efforts made by the council and the attitude of the doctor in question.
Dr. Atikpui in response to Nana Akosua Ansah, the host’s question on why they are unable to close down the facility up to this time? He said they have made frantic effort but all proved futile.
These were his responses:


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