70 AK-47s stockpiled in Alavanyo – Police


The Volta Regional Police Command has said it has uncovered over 70 AK-47s stockpiled in conflict-prone Alavanyo, whose residents have intermittently been at war with their neighbouring rivals, the Nkonyas, in the Hohoe municipality.

Regional Police Commander, DCOP Francis Doku told journalists at a press conference on Wednesday, 16 January 2019 that those caching the arms are bent on doing everything possible to prevent the police from retrieving the arms and ammunition.

“When it comes to the manufacture of guns, Alavanyo is leading across the country and even in West Africa”, DCOP Doku said, adding: “As we speak, there are people who go there on duty to guard the manufacturing base”.

“So, as weapons are being exported into Alavanyo, they themselves are manufacturing weapons. What are they manufacturing them for? To go and kill grass cutters?” he wondered.

The press conference came two days after some residents of Alavanyo Dzogbedze engaged some soldiers and police in a gun battle which led to the civilians stealing an AK-47 and three handcuffs from a police station where some suspects were being held in custody for offences relating to arms.

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