Rapperholic 2018: Irresponsible ticket oversell was a disaster


I was absolutely disgusted by Sarkodie’s December 25th concert – Rapperholic. Since 2012 when the annual event started, the 2018 version is the worse in its history. I have been to all but one of the previous editions. Let me try and break down.


Flawed ticketing is at the crux of the mess at this year’s show. Clearly, organisers sold more tickets than they knew the Conference Centre could take. I had a VIP ticket but could not go beyond the gate of the auditorium. That was how packed the venue was at 9 pm. I am told that there was commotion earlier which led to fans breaking down the door to enter the auditorium. What that meant was that regardless of the ticket type that people had, they simply sat wherever they pleased.

The folks at the gate also didn’t destroy tickets after handing bracelets to people. My suspicion is that they sold them back through the black market.

Even perhaps more scandalous was the tweet from Sarkodie himself earlier that they had printed more tickets for those who had not gotten tickets. First of all, that showed that they didn’t care about matching tickets to auditorium capacity and I find that very irresponsible.

Respect for the audience

Organisers of Rapperholic, Big Ideas and Event Factory, had no regard, respect and consideration for patrons and fans. By selling many more tickets than the Conference Centre could take, it meant audience safety and comfort was thrown to the dogs. People who had purchased so-called VIP tickets for ¢200 were confined to standing in the aisle or to go fetch plastic chairs with the hope that they will find a place to put them and sit – most didn’t find the chairs and those that did, they had no space to place them to sit on.

Event organisers took audience respect back to the Stone Age and they didn’t give a hoot about the consequence. How do you charge patrons for a service and not offer that service?

That Lousy apology from Nana Aba Anamoah

“Concert de3, enoa ne Rapperholic (the only concert there is, is Rapperholic) and everyone wants to be here”.

That was how Nana Aba Anamoah attempted an apology. I pitied her because she was torn between being a journalist who takes authorities on for what they do or fails to do and being a Sark fan and introducer of the rapper. But that clearly was a lousy statement and the apology that followed was just as lame. I expect Sarkodie to apologise for the shambolic organisation, and as well, demand an immediate review of what caused all that – including his own involvement with that tweet that announced the printing of more tickets.

Nana Aba Anamoah


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