NIA gives 124,162 persons Ghana card in Adentan


The National Identification Authority, NIA, have registered and issued over 124,000 persons national identification cards also known as Ghana cards within the Adentan Municipality in Accra.

The Adentan Municipality had a three-day extension of the exercise which started on Monday and ended on Wednesday.

According to the Head of Corporate Affairs at NIA, Francis Palmdeti, the figure exceeded their target of 78,000 at the close of the registration exercise in the area on Wednesday.

“We as at close of work on Wednesday, we had registered 124,162 people in Adentan. We just observed from the data we have received that we have exceeded our target. We were considering the census figures of 2010 with some plus or minuses and so we felt that considering the size of Adentan and having a lot of working people in that area we may not hit our target. We put it at 78,000 but what we have now is way above our target,” he added in an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show on Thursday. The figure shows a sharp increase of the 2010 Population Census which pegged the population of Adentan at 78,215.

As to what may have caused the upsurge in the population of Adentan, Palmdeti said it may be as a result of the fast developing areas within the municipality.

“We noticed that in Adentan there are some new areas developing very fast. For instance, Kooseh is a fast developing area; Nmai Dzorn is also one of the fast developing areas,” he added.

Registration and instant issuance of the National Identification cards began in Adentan on November 5, 2018, amidst technical challenges as well as issues with digital address codes which is a prerequisite for the registration.

The exercise is expected to continue at the La Nkwantanang/Madina Municipality from 3rd-22nd December 2018.

The Head of Corporate Affairs at NIA noted that one centre will continue to operate at Adentan to issue unclaimed cards and also register new entrants who could not register within the three-week window.



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