Ghana Card: Mass registration kicks off; resgister in your locality-NIA


The Head of Corporate Affairs of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Assistant Commissioner of Immigration (ACI), Francis Palmdeti has urged Ghanaians to register for the Ghana Card in their vicinity and not go into other areas to register.

The NIA’s mass registration exercise for the Ghana Card started in the Adentan Municipality on Monday, 5 November.

ACI Palmdeti who was speaking on dinpa anopa bosuo show on Monday November 5, said:“We want you to be in your locality where you’ll register. Mind you, you’ll provide your digital address which should be in that area.”

The NIA explained that it started the mass exercise in Adentan because of its peculiarities.

“Adentan is a municipality we consider as a fringe municipality because it almost borders the Eastern Region, and we also know that Adentan has connectivity issues, our systems use chips from the telcos and Adentan is an area that the telcos have challenges with the network and, so, we selected Adentan to have a feel of how things would pan out in communities where the network is a challenge, and we also wanted some space. We just wanted to focus on those who reside in Adentan unlike having the registration in an area which borders several other districts then you can have people trooping in from other districts into the centre, and may end up not having the actual residents of the municipality register.

“We don’t want a situation where, in a particular district, those who are in the district are unable to register because people have moved in from other areas to register. So, Adentan is peculiar and we think that we’ll take some lessons from Adentan and then that will influence how we’ll go full blast in Greater Accra.”

He stated that about 1,127 people were registered on the first day of the three-week exercise.

The NIA has designated 50 centres in Adentan for the exercise which ends on 24 November 2018. Residents can register on all days except Sundays, from 8 am to 5 pm.

Some 130,000 residents are expected to get registered within the municipality.

Mr. Palmdeti, has, therefore, urged residents of Adentan not to miss the opportunity to get registered, as the authority’s schedule may not cater for them when they move to other districts.


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