GMA D-G’s 4-bedroom renovation with 11 ACs cost GHS1m; says criticisms’re “mediocrity”


The Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority has described as “mediocrity” criticisms that GHS1 million was blown on the renovation and expansion of his 2-bedroom official Cantonments residence to a four-bedroom property fitted with eleven air conditioners.

“If each one of them [rooms] would have an air conditioner, it will be 13,” Mr Kwame Owusu defended when he addressed journalists on allegations of profligacy levelled against him.

“Some Director-Generals have a house allocated to them and have even a separate guest house for entertainment and if this Director-General or any other Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority who superintends over the maritime industry in Ghana cannot have a four bedroom or five bedrooms [home], then I say it is mediocrity”, Mr Owusu justified on Tuesday, 30 October.

Parrying conflict of interest accusations in the award of the renovation contract to a friend of his, Mr Owusu justified thus: “[The] tender process went through administration”, adding: “The bill of quantities was done… so, the Director-General could not have influenced the outcome and given it to my friend and said increase the money so that when they do it, I can have your so-called ‘chop chop’”.

Mr Owusu, who is being investigated by the Ministry of Transport for spending GHS135,000 on an end-of-year dinner party in 2017, and also GHS10,000 on lunch for eight people at a meeting, said the conflict of interest accusations are “below the belt”.

“We will like to also respond to the issue of the Authority having GHS135,000 for end-of-year party. It is true; there was a GHS115, 000 of the cost of the food for 500 people. It is in management records. Some people have gone out of their way to state that there was less than 100 people. I want to bring to your attention that we have 200 workers.”

Mr Owusu also clarified that the Authority spent GHS 10,000 on lunch for 17 people and not eight.


Source: Ghana / 91.3

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